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Artist/Illustrator Biography

Mark Green is a professional published artist who has worked for and with organizations such as the Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium of the Americas and the Greater New Orleans Tourist Commission. Additionally doing illustration work for several rag publications such as Pro Dive News and Lines and Leisures while living and working out of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

He was always actively drawing, painting and sketching through childhood and into his teens. He worked at various freelance illustration jobs earlier in life, but pursuing artistry as a career didn't start until after honorably departing the Navy as a Deep Sea Diver at the age of 26 where he started commercial dive work in underwater construction out of New Orleans. In his time onshore working, he learned welding and basic metallurgy, brazing and followed metal artists. Offshore, he began working with pencil, pen and ink illustrating ships, oil rigs, crew boats and aquatic sea life and vise versa. Later he expanded with acrylics, water color and gouache medias producing his own art while acquiring several commissions while living in New Orleans.  

He has been a solid follower of and later a solid member of the Graphic Artist Guild and followed Guilds Practices in many different aspects of business since New Orleans.

He later moved on expanding his creativity and talent working in the sign and fiber optic lighting industries.

He has since relocated to Homosassa, Florida where he has resumed his art career in illustration additionally focusing on metal and glass sculpture.

Most recently, he has partnered with the "Florida Born Company" also located in Homosassa, producing artwork for a series of tee shirts helping to promote the " Save the Manatee" organization. 

These tee shirts can be viewed and purchased at

You can also view Mr. Greens artwork on his Facebook page at

Green Studios, LLC

Green Studios was created by Mark Green as a platform for him to expand his artwork in multiple different mediums.


Green Studios, LLC   Homosassa, FL


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